Mr. Ebitibi Akeke


Managing Director/CEO

Ebitibi Akeke is a Legal Practitioner and a daring entrepreneur. He is the Founder and CEO of BRAVE SWITCH & YOUNG Wealth Mgt. & Estate Planning Co. Ltd. (BSY). He began his professional career as an associate with Punuka Attorneys & Solicitors, Lagos Nigeria where he was actively involved in diverse areas of legal practice including commercial and criminal litigation, contentious estate and probate matters, as well as corporate transactions. Ebitibi evolved along the line with new interests and migrated to the Financial Services/Investment Banking industry.

Ebitibi possesses a wealth of experience in the Financial Services and Capital Market industry having functioned as Head of Trust and Estate Planning Services, Legal Adviser and Company Secretary in a top tier Capital Market Operator when he was approved as Sponsored Individual (Trusteeship) by the Securities and Exchange Commission. His exceptional interest and passion for Estate Planning, Wealth Management, Wealth Preservation, and Wealth Transfer) inspired the establishment of BSY, with a mandate to “make Estate Planning common among Nigerians in order to avoid needless loss of properties and family dispute over asset distribution.” He has helped several clients in planning and structuring their estates locally and offshore, with a focus to solving potential future problems today.