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Estate Planning

Our Estate Planning service guides our clients through a meticulous but seamless process of planning and arranging all their assets for effective management, preservation and distribution to beneficiaries after death.  This process also serves the best interest of the client in the event of any incapacitation during his lifetime, such that the client’s interest in his properties and enjoyment of same is already protected.

You can achieve this level of coordination and security of your properties by making a Will, establishing a Trust, or through outright gift to loved ones or other persons or organizations that you desire.

At BSY, we see the process as highly consultative. It is critical for us to understand our client’s goals, family setup and relationships, and guide the client through the process of deciding the best estate planning option.

There are various reasons why people plan their estate. To some, it is for preserving family wealth, providing for a surviving spouse and children, and to others, funding the education of their children and grandchildren. A common factor however, is the desire to leave a lasting legacy for their family and or society.

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